Friday, 3 May 2013

New Workshop dates

suitable for beginners/ or confidence booster day
I have at last launched some dates for my workshops later this year!
I know, you were beginning to think I wasnt going to do ANY this year.
I don't offer many workshops, last year for example I just offered four. This is because I just don't have enough time and although I always enjoy doing them, and its especially lovely to paint with others, my diary always seems too full.

This year I am offering three, the first is a beginners class or indeed suitable for anyone who feels they want to enjoy a day learning what watercolour paint does when it mixes and merges. We will be painting a glass vase of flowers, its lovely and simple and is achievable, which is very important if you want a confidence booster. I love it when watercolour runs but for many people this is the scary bit about painting, this workshop is designed to get you working wetter and taking more risks, it will all pay off and you will see how it does in your results!

The second one is a follow up day or indeed for those of you who feel you want something a little more challenging.

suitable for intermediate skill level

Again its flowers but this time Peony and Blossom, a more complex composition, and more control needed to succeed.

The third workshop is a fun day painting chickens and cockerels, now for this one you do need a bit of painting experience, so beginners may find this one too tricky. Its all about brush handling, double loading colour and looking for shapes. Its watercolour but also we are going to achieve some really nice textures using water soluble pencils.

if you fancy a fun day in the Cotswolds then get in touch with me either by email or phone and I will email you the information letters.

You can also visit my website  this has more information and a photo of the lovely village hall.

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