Thursday, 24 January 2013

Paintings in the snow

The snow this January has been wonderful, I cut a trip to London short last week to get back home before the snow fell, and have been here for a week. As you may know, I am not what you would call a landscape painter, but loving strong contrasts as I do, this snow has inspired me to get out and paint.
I've taken just small boards, 10 x 12 inches, in fact the first one I did, was just 8 x 10 inches. This one was my second painting, it was overcast when I began, in fact I have hardly seen any sun all week, but the light is wonderful as the snow just seems to glow all over and reflects all the subtle colours. Once you start, and your eyes adjust to the bright glare (even on a dull day) colours see to just appear. It became very cold though and by the time I was almost finished tiny flakes of snow began to fall, and this was the result.

I noticed this little view walking back home, it made me stop and think, why had I not noticed it before? Probably because I don't often get the urge to paint landscapes, but in the snow, it seemed so different, the snow was beginning to come down quite hard and I noticed a lovely warm light over the village, and so hatched my plan to paint the following day.
I am a bit of a fair weather painter, I like to be outdoors but not when its actually snowing so I have to admit to adding the snow once I had finished it. I did however go in the afternoon and it didn't look as dramatic as it had the previous day, but I think it worked.

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Anonymous said...

I love your paintings, they are so inspiring